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Alerts management

TBT/400 manage two alert types :

Global Alerts

This type of alerts appears by a message sent to the message queue QSYSOPR, and memorized in the history of system (QHST).

These alerts can be :

  • File processing return-codes (outgoing or incoming)
  • Environment alerts (unavailable X25 line)

Local Alerts

This type of alerts appears by a message sent to the message queue of the user responsible of the file currently in process.

These alerts are exclusively File processing return-codes.


Alerts exit Program

TBT/400 gives an exit receiving a copy of all global alerts; this exit is obviously to particularize.

Alerts using E-mail and/or SMS

Since version 510 Modification 2, TBT/400 using the standard possibilities of the OS/400, can send these alarms in the form of E-mail (it in complement of the previous possibilities).

Previous exit become, in such a case, no more necessary.

This relates to as well global alerts as local alerts.

These alerts, by using the services of an operator Mail2SMS (Graphnet for example), can be materialized in the form of SMS messages.

This alarm system is not under the exclusive use of TBT/400; you can, by using standard OS/400 commands generate your own alerts.


Functions & specifications

Summary of TBT400 functions

Directory functions

Programming help

Supervisory services

Miscellaneous functionalities

Applicative interfaces

Gateways with translators or messaging software

Example of Etebac3 server


Multi TBT


** new ** webTBT, module GUI

** new ** SNADS recovery

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