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Title to and protection of the package

Attention, before any downloading, attentively read this extract of the general terms applicable to the licence of use of the software package.

1 - IPLS retains title to the package, including the designs, inventions, studies, methods, software and documents, and to all specific or general work, developments or adaptations done or made by IPLS with or without the Customer's cooperation concerning the operation of the package.

2 -This contract and the programs and documents to which it relates may not be assigned, sublicensed or otherwise transferred by the Customer in any way without IPLS's prior approval.

3 - The Customer shall make no partial or total reproduction of the package not necessitated by its internal requirements of data-processing management and of use of the package. The Customer shall have the indispensable copies made by its own personnel and shall at no time during the term of the contract, or after its termination in any way, place any element of the package at the disposal of any natural person or legal entity without IPLS's prior consent.

4 - The Customer shall not use the specifications of the package, for its account or for account of anyone else, for development of a program having the same use. It shall not use the programs, documents or objects delivered or excerpts from programs of the package to develop new software.

5 - The Customer shall see that the name "IPLS" is shown as author on all of the copies of the package in the same way as on the original.  It shall not alter or remove any mark or inscription on the package or the carrier or documents thereof showing the name of the package's owner. The Customer shall have the name "IPLS" mentioned in all circumstances in which it refers to the package or to IPLS's work.  As user of the package, the Customer authorizes IPLS to publish and make mention of such reference.

6 - This work is registered on the list of the Agence Pour la Protection des Programmes (APP), 119 Rue de Flandre, 75019 Paris, under No. 923001500. It is protected in France by the intellectual property code and elsewhere by international copyright treaties.  Infringement of the rights of the author of the work is a criminal offense and every infringement is punishable in France under intellectual property code L.335-2 by three years' imprisonment and a 300,000 € fine. The terms of use are set forth in the license.

7 - The APP is authorized by the rights-holder to take proceedings against all unauthorized copies and/or uses.

8 - Reproduction, translation, adaptation, arrangement and alteration of the software and associated documents are prohibited even if necessary for authorized use of the work.

9 - Pursuant to intellectual property code L.122-6-1, the author reserves the right to correct the errors and to determine the special terms and procedures to which the aforesaid actions are subject.  Reproduction of the software's code and translation of the form of such code are prohibited even if indispensable for development of the information necessary for interoperability of the software with other software, the necessary information being available to the user from the holder of the intellectual property rights on the terms of the latter's catalogue.

10 - The user is authorized to make a copy of the software as a backup only. The user is responsible for the physical safety and security of such copy.

11 - Pursuant to 6 of the general regulations, the user having validly acquired the rights of use of the work may have access to the registered creative data under the supervision of the APP's arbitration commission. It may have such access in case of legal obligation or of the developer's default.

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