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Functions & specifications of TBT/400

A software-only solution (no front-end microprocessor) that can be fully managed remotely. Comprising several modules, TBT/400 evolves at the same time as your company, depending on your volumes of communications, the AS/400 model, the polling mode etc.
As a native AS/400 application, it naturally integrates with applications while benefiting from AS/400 operating modes and network infrastructure.

  • Faxes and telexes can be sent from within applications, spool files or the built-in editor.
  • Calls to banks (bank transfers, commercial paper, account statements etc.). File transfers (standardized or otherwise) with partners etc.TBT/400 interfaces with the main commercially available EDI translators (EDITRADE, EDI400. EDIBASE etc.).
  • Mediums include: The Internet, Atlas 400, GEIS, IBM GN or IN, British Telecom, Graphnet, Allegro, Transpac, ISDN etc.
  • Dialogue with other commercially available communication products (CFT, TOM/TED etc.).
  • Analytical billing and follow-up of transmissions.
  • Other automated functions: security, archiving and dumps.
  • IFS Management
  • MultiTBT Management
  • Alerts management by e-mail and / or SMS...

Functions & specifications

Summary of TBT400 functions

Directory functions

Programming help

Supervisory services

Miscellaneous functionalities

Applicative interfaces

Gateways with translators or messaging software

Example of Etebac3 server


Multi TBT


** new ** webTBT, module GUI

** new ** SNADS recovery

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Supports just-in-time scheduling
7 days a week,
24 hours a day!

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