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How to download TBT/400...

Discover our solution for EDI and telecoms on IBM server.

>> follow the indications here under, and do not forget to send us your request for security key (point 4).



TBT/AES is fully embedded in TBT/400 savefile.


Two releases are available for download:

  • Release 510 is compatible with releases V4R5M0, V5R1M0 and V5R2M0,
  • Release 610 is compatible with releases starting from V5R3M0.

Those releases are slightly equivalent.

610 provides IPv6 and Teraspaces support for better performance.

This is the default for V5R3 and up.

In most case TBT/400 V610 is to be preferred (IPLS can provide releases for earlier OS versions).


In order to download the last release of TBT/400, click on your corresponding hardware icon...

AS/400 RISC Releases V4R5M0 and subsequent
This TBT400 release is available on the version V4R5M0 of the OS400 and all subsequent releases
'Old' Version for 'Old' Systems
(45 MB)

Modification 76

AS/400 RISC for OS/400 Releases V5R3M0 and subsequent
This TBT400 release isavailable on the version V5R3M0 of the OS400 and all subsequent releases

For OS/400 release lower than V6R1M0 PTF's are mandatory

'Standard' Version
(187 MB)

ISO track
This download allows you to burn the installation CD TBT/400
ISO track is compressed using 7-ZIP

(128 MB)


You downloaded TBT/400 successfully, now you have to transfer the file on your AS400.

>> Transfer method is as follow... 



TBT/400 access key (full or demo version)
To receive your access key, please complete this document
and send it by fax at

33 (0) 1 30 15 70 91 or by email at ipls@ipls.fr
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