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Protocol supported by TBT/400.

General information :

The PeSIT protocol was initially designed for connecting banking processing centers. It integrates very sophisticated compression and restart mechanisms, and has been employed in most ES/9000 sites. It has become a reference in the world of X25 communications.

TBT/400 and PeSIT protocol :

TBT/400 allows communications over an X25, X32 or ISDN connection. It receives files or messages in text or transparent mode - either by direct deposit or explicit polling according to a schedule - then feeds them to your applications; it also gives your applications a means of transmitting messages or files to final addressees.

TBT/400 exchanges files directly with a recipient/sender having an access in PeSIT protocol. It manages all messages envisaged by this protocol, and can send your applications all information regarding the network.

TBT/400 operates two ways (either calling, or answering your callers).

TBT/400 can provide files on a server basis (your callers can call in to collect).

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