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Library QGPL is given in example; it's possible to adapt it according to your needs.

Creation of the coming savefile on AS/400.

Use CRTSAVF QGPL/TBP510 command.

Transfer by FTP

As FTP server was started on AS/400 (STRTCPSVR *FTP if necessary),

Open a MS/DOS window and start Windows customer FTP:

  1. FTP MONHOST, where AS/400 is the hostname used for the AS/400 target.

  2. This one answers by Enter User

  3. Input USERID (with AS/400 meaning)

  4. The answer is Enter Password

  5. Input PASSWORD

  6. The answer is USERID is logged on

  7. Input BINARY

  8. The answer is Representation mode is binary image


  10. Two answers arrise : Sending . Then 250 File transfer completed succesfully.

The delivery savefile is transferred on the AS/400. You can now use the semi-automatic installation procedure



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