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X400 - ATLAS400 - ALLEGRO - Carrefour

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Protocols supported by TBT400
General information:

ATLAS 400 is the name of an X400-standard VAN network marketed by TRANSPAC. Its access allows the emission and reception of files or messages towards individual subscribers ATLAS 400 but also to other X400 private servers, and Telex teleprinters, or unspecified Fax. Via ATLAS 400, you have a plurality of recipients in France and abroad.

X400 is the name of an electronic mail standard often used in EDI. This standard allows the communication with the ATLAS 400 server, with the ALLEGRO server, with all servers implementing this standard, in particular with the private electronic mail Carrefour. TBT400 constitutes a MTA within the meaning of this standard. X400 is available in X25 or TCP/IP.

TBT400 and these protocols :

TBT400 gives access to the ATLAS 400 VAN by a connection X25, X32 or ISDN. It receives, in direct handing-over or by explicit examination, files or messages in text mode or transparency in order to distribute them to your applicatifs, and ensures starting from your applicatifs the emission of messages or files towards final recipients who can be a X400 subscriber, a fax or a Telex.

TBT400 uses ATLAS440 protocol ; this protocol, with a native access to ATLAS 400, avoids information losses related to a use of protocols supported by ATLAS400, but unsuited (of type Odette ftp).

TBT400 manages the richness of the transmissions reports provided by ATLAS 400. It can transmit to applicatifs acknowledgement of taking into account, and acknowledgement of good or bad delivery as defined in X400 standardization.

TBT400 can manage various flows on the same mailbox ATLAS 400 and can commutate entering flows towards your applicatifs thanks to the analysis of the message envelope. This allows for example, via the same mailbox, to associate EDI flows of the type orders towards the data processing sequence of the commands and flows of the type invoice towards the countable applicative chain. Moreover, the type of the created file can be defined in the envelope (record length, source file, alphabet used, etc...).

If you wish it, the management of an unlimited number of ATLAS mailboxes on same connection is also possible; for example an ATLAS mailbox can be equal at a network address and correspond to only one company of your group or your holding. This also allows, for important traffics, to provide a solution in extreme cases current of 255 messages in an ATLAS box. Moreover, thanks to link ATLAS-ALLEGRO, you have from now access to VAN ALLEGRO, in emission as in reception. The open handing-over of ATLAS 400 enables you to use ALLEGRO in tended flow, by saving the calls of box examination and the communications of the entering messages (which is not possible on line with ALLEGRO).

TBT400 manages faxes up to 198 columns in horizontal format and 132 columns in vertical format.

TBT400 manages as well the transparent mode as the nontransparent mode of ATLAS. The writing can be done by cutting out the received flow according to a defined record length, or by seeking CR/LF.

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