in its multisite use

Installed / set up on a front-end machine, the Multi TBT server centralizes communication between the firm and the outside world.

image Multi TBT 01

This is called " store and forward " : it receives the input messages and dispenses them towards the intranet and extranet machines. Likewise, it receives the output messages from all the network machines and sends them outward.

The Multi TBT server provides a full follow-up on all the operations. It records an acknowledgment of transmission for each output message.

Besides, it records the network report and even the possible acknowledgment of distribution which may be generated by a value-added network.

image Multi TBT 02

It files the whole network returns and retransmits the information to each applicational machine for a local filing.

Multi TBT provides an effective protection within a secured architecture including a DMZ, and can naturally use a VPN.