bandeau tbt400

Telex or Fax protocols.

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General information:

Several TBT400 network interfaces are available for sending telexes and/or faxes from your applications, or directly by your users via the built-in editor or your messaging system, without requiring the least bit of hardware infrastructure on your computer site, not to mention "black boxes" or so-called front-end processors, and above, all no telex or fax lines.

TBT400 and Graphnet protocol:

GRAPHNET is a value-added network specialized in the transmission of telexes and faxes. This operator offers impressive page-layout flexibility (pre-printed forms, accentuated characters etc.).

TBT400 allows access to this VAN via an X25, X32 or ISDN connection. it also gives your applications a means of transmitting messages or files to final addressees, whether fax or telex machines.

TBT400 handles the full possibilities allowed by the transmission reports provided by GRAPHNET. It can supply applications with processing acknowledgements and receipt acknowledgements (whether correctly or poorly received).

TBT400 can manage an unlimited number of GRAPHNET letterboxes on the same connection - this allows , among other things, multi company management.

TBT400 manages faxes of up to 198 columns in horizontal format and 132 columns in vertical format.

TBT400 gives access to all services provided by this operator.