bandeau tbt400


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Protocol supported by TBT400.
General information :

The PeSIT protocol was initially designed for connecting banking processing centers. It integrates very sophisticated compression and restart mechanisms, and has been employed in most ES/9000 sites. It has become a reference in the world of X25 communications.

TBT400 and PeSIT protocol :

TBT400 allows communications over an X25, X32 or ISDN connection. It receives files or messages in text or transparent mode - either by direct deposit or explicit polling according to a schedule - then feeds them to your applications; it also gives your applications a means of transmitting messages or files to final addressees.

TBT400 exchanges files directly with a recipient/sender having an access in PeSIT protocol. It manages all messages envisaged by this protocol, and can send your applications all information regarding the network.

TBT400 operates two ways (either calling, or answering your callers).

TBT400 can provide files on a server basis (your callers can call in to collect).

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